• Play for good

    What if gaming was made useful for our society ?

  • Our vision

    We believe that "entertaining" and "useful" are not as opposite as they are presented

    People just want to have fun

    Entertainment society...

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    Fun has become essential. Every part of your life is increasingly looking like a game now. From infotainment TV shows, to your GPS, and until your dating app, gamification is spreading like never before.

    Why ? Because having fun is extremely powerful.

    Meaning & Solidarity for tomorrow

    Craving for a better place...

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    Leverage fun to have a positive social impact, that's what we love. We imagined a new model of gaming, that feeds a new model of solidarity.


    Playing to a care-game is a new way to donate to charities

  • People behind

    Our multigenerational team combines experience with passion, creativity, and dedication. Our team works from our parisian office.



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    Pierre Demessence


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    Cigar Lover

  • We're hiring

    We always strive for the best, join us!

    Game Designer 

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